Valentine Red

 photo cocorosa-guess-1_zps02c3dea3.jpg

I got a big early Valentine surprise the other day from Guess and everything in lush ruby red. A tote, a matching Ipad cover, a t-shirt and a pen + notes to write my own #lovenotes to style, snap and share on instagram, twitter and facebook. So much red and I'm such a Pastel girl, what is a pastel girl going to do with a red tote? Style it with pastels of course! Why didn't I think of this before? Red is an gorgeous accent to powdered pinks and to have the accent color in this perfect tote is just brilliant! I would have never bought a red tote or purse myself but boy did my opinion changed! And the same can be reversed, think of a tiny powdered pink purse as an accent to reds! I'm happy as a child and this tote will travel with me to Paris tomorrow, the City of Love!

 photo cocorosa-guess-10_zpsf97f283d.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-8_zpse424bcbf.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-4_zpsa88e10ea.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-18_zps674a091c.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-13_zpscdfcc074.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-12_zpse3630732.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-16_zpsc4fc7a31.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-11_zps29c7a638.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-15_zps682f20bd.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-7_zpsf83644e9.jpg  photo cocorosa-guess-9_zps2070b610.jpg


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