Lace and Pearls for Spring

 photo cocorosa-pearl-1_zps6f5962bf.jpg
photos by Suz 

Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely weekend enjoying the first rays of Spring! My first Spring feel for looks? Lace and pearls! I love the Zara double pearl necklace and thought it would look nice and soft on a lace top (like those dewy morning rays in Spring) I ended up spending my weekend running around scouting locations for a special Spring project/photo shoot in parks and gardens and near a swan filled lake. I caught myself being a bit careful and fearful trying to capture a nice shot of a swan hahaha (I will post the photo on my Instagram) I'm so excited for Spring and those fun Spring projects!

wearing: Zara lace top, pearl necklace and heels, H&M loose fit trousers, Guess Jeans Tote, Oia Jules Bracelet

 photo cocorosa-pearl-4_zpsdb48b9e9.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-19_zpsff421386.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-10_zps7445f0c2.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-17_zpsef5b23d9.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-7_zps97456707.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-13_zps151a3219.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-14_zpsbe772b8d.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-12_zpsd500c77b.jpg  photo cocorosa-pearl-9_zps6cde4f57.jpg


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