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photos by Suz

It's no secret I feel right at home in pastels, ice cream colors and whipped-up, swirling feminine silhouettes. I really love big theatrical volumes in knits, skirts and dresses and the red tote has become such a wardrobe gem because it's adds a strong color to any soft pastel look! The Josefina flats are just perfect in color and beautifully made and came in the most gorgeous box ever. Ballet flats are an ultra feminine must have flat shoe in my opinion, they add some nonchalance and sophistication to skinny jeans and big knits (and even leggings if you want to pull a "Audrey Hepburn" look) I normally don't wear ballet flats with swirling looks like this but I think I will make it my new habit because I just felt so comfortable and me! 

H&M Trend cropped sweater, Zara dress, Guess Tote, Josefinas ballet flats in serenity green

 photo cocorosa-josefinas-24_zps2a329199.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-14_zpse0607177.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-15_zps8932d773.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-3_zps2d7111a9.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-9_zps537f6b23.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-12_zpsfedb2bcc.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-6_zps48fbdbc1.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-2_zps44ff4873.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-1_zps4d66fd5e.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-19_zps80a6bb4f.jpg  photo cocorosa-josefinas-18_zpsc094358f.jpg


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