Light blue Leather Jacket

 photo cocorosa-muubaa-blue-1_zps143392d8.jpg
photos by Suz

I love leather jackets. Especially when they come in summery pastels or in this case an soft powdered color blue, elephant gray blue? Mouse gray blue?.. it's sometimes so hard to describe colors lol Funny enough it's the exact same color as the door. The jacket is from Muubaa, I have been a big fan of the Muubaa leather jackets for a while and light blue leather (in this case the Indus powder blue) was most welcome to my pastel wardrobe! (and I'm soooo lusting after Muubaa's Tagus Mint colored biker too)

ps. RIP little Wobbley the Mouse

 photo cocorosa-muubaa-blue-3_zpsc5081984.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaa-blue-4_zps4ad3ed87.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaa-blue-2_zps70554e39.jpg  photo cocorosa-muubaa-blue-5_zps32eb95ba.jpg


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